About Us

CKC Consulting opened its doors in the spring of 2014. After 14+ years working for large corporations, and seeing consulting fees skyrocket and service levels decrease, Robert Heller decided he could offer a more personal level of service while reducing the costs of collecting, analyzing, processing and producing electronic data. We believe in responding to our clients calls and emails in a timely fashion. We believe that in being flexible with our fees, our clients will come back to us for their next investigation or litigation support need. We pride ourselves on finding creative solutions to complex problems. No investigation is too big or too small for CKC Consulting!

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Completed Projects
Our project completion rates are excellent. We strive to make customer satisfaction our highest priority. We treat all of our projects equally and give them the proper development they deserve. Project completion, along with customer satisfaction, is our end goal.
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Happy Clients
Don’t take our word for it. Our work speaks for itself. With an excellent customer satisfaction track record, we will ensure that you are fully taken care of and that your needs are addressed.
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Annual Growth
Over the years, our growth has been increasing at a steady pace. With nowhere to go but up, we as a business are devoted to ensuring your satisfaction as we develop further to provide even better services.
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Our Feedback
We rely on your feedback to keep us in check. With a long track record of praiseworthy customer feedback, rest assured that you are in capable hands for getting the job done.