Cell Phone Forensic Collections & Analysis

CKC Consulting specializes in forensically preserving most mobile devices available in the market. We utilize the latest tools, software and techniques to assist you in finding that “needle in the haystack”.

We start this process by creating a forensic copy of the device. This process includes chain of custody documentation, project management time, collection of the data from the device and the creation of a secondary backup copy of the device.

The mobile phone industry is changing on a daily basis so we may not always have the capability to image every phone in the market. However, a simple call to one of our experts will allow us to research your specific device so we can provide details of our capabilities and ability to potentially recover data from the phone.

Some examples of data that we can often recover from a mobile device are as follows:

  • Call logs
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Email
  • SMS Text messages
  • MMS video and audio messages
  • Contact lists
  • GPS coordinates
  • Applications
  • Calendar entries
  • Ring tones
  • And more……